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Monthly Archives: October 2016

About Bank Teller Resume

1. Personal Details: First of all write the personal details as your name, mobile number and your e-mail address on top of the document. You can also give the details about your current designation in your current company if you are working somewhere.

2. Career Objective: Just after the personal details, please write the career objective you have set for yourself and designation you want to apply

3. Quality Summary and Professional Experience: Following to your career objective, please write the summary of qualities you have got from your past experiences or from your college life. After writing your quality summary, please start writing the professional experience in chronological order starting from the current organization and designation. You need to include all the organizations, designation you held there and responsibilities taken care by you. It is good if you can describe the experience which is more relevant for the job you are applying.

4. Education: Educational Details are very important for the employers to know the qualification you have achieved. If you have more than five to seven years of experience, you just need to describe the highest degree you held.

5. Additional Qualities: At last, you can describe the details about the computer knowledge you have and any other additional qualities you possess.

You can Join an Analytics Training Programme

When searching the job of an analyst, the prime thing you require doing is writing an effective resume. While creating analyst resume, you should be alert as the data in the resume should be written very neatly and also take good care of the confidentiality of some crucial data. You should not unveil any financial data of your earlier company.

Before you begin writing a resume, you should analyse your career aspects and choose the type of job profile you wish. Make a decent research always regarding your career substitutes and good companies offering a job in your field. Try to engage your thoughts and concepts in your resume and refer to some samples and instructions for making an eye-catchy resume.

At the beginning of the resume, you must give your name and contact details followed by a small summary of your goals of life. This statement of your aim will show that how much you want to get that job and how serious you’re regarding getting succeeded in your life.

About Future of Careers

During my time, doing MBA from one of the leading Business Schools in India and then getting into a multinational was the rage and we would stick with a company for a minimum of 3 years, and changed jobs maybe 6-10 times in a career spanning 40 years. During the mid life crisis, we would contemplate an alternate career maybe in the social sector or the entrepreneur bug would bite us. The economic upheavals were more frequent, and the impact could create job deficits and layoffs. However, most organisations still believed in 3-5 year plans. We could also sense the trends and change our profile accordingly to remain employed

In the next generation of employees, the economic upheavals will be more frequent and the impact on the jobs would be more severe.

  1. Organisations cannot come up with a strategy beyond a year, as the trend cannot be predicted, due to disruptions of technology and the economy as well as ‘black swans’
  2. Companies will therefore start projects in marketing, sales and production and then shut them down if the expected results do not come through or if there is a cash crunch
  3. Companies will outsource most of the humdrum activities like payroll, administration, even some aspects of sales and production, if these activities do not have any competitive advantage or are commoditised with no value-add
  4. There will be more inorganic growth by mergers and acquisitions
  5. Companies need to have flexibility in size and operations. This means that the workforce will always have a mix of permanent employees and consultants

We will therefore sometimes be unemployed and sometimes work as a consultant. Reality is that no company can guarantee permanent employment nor are they compelled to. If the market is down and the supply of MBAs is large, we have to accept what is given, else our pride will keep us unemployed.

This creates psychological issues, as our beliefs are governed by our parents’ beliefs – that permanent employment is good. There is a stigma attached to temporary jobs or being a consultant.

We have to accept that we may not get permanent employment. Acceptance is important and allows us to move on.

We should therefore:

  1. Invest in government backed investments like Public Provident Fund for long term capital creation
  2. Create and keep a stash equal to one year’s salary as an emergency fund
  3. In our CV, focus on what we know, learnt and achieved, not what designations we held
  4. Be ready to change jobs and locations, leaving the family behind
  5. Invest in skills that can provide additional employment including transferable skills
  6. Create and use skills that can keep you self-employed (be it music, teaching or something…) and keep the home fires burning, children’s education taken care of
  7. Be mentally prepared to move sideways, not necessarily upwards

Create Video Resume And Share It

There are some things to keep in mind if you have never made a video resume before though. Firstly make sure you have a good idea of what you want to say in the video resume. You don’t have to write everything down as that makes you sound scripted but keep a list of points and talk about them freely.

You also have to make sure you keep the resume of the right length. Too long and you can lose the attention of the viewer and too short and it cannot give enough information. Two minutes is a good mark to aim at. Also make sure you dress appropriately. Imagine the video resume as a in person meeting with the employer and dress accordingly.

Also make sure you record your resume in a clean and clutter free environment as it makes it look more professional. Behind a desk is a good spot. As is in front of a wall. And make sure you check the video after you record it to catch any technical issues. It should be well lit and clear. And the sound should be free of any distortion. You can use a webcam or a mobile phone.

You can talk about your experience and your qualifications in the video resume. Also it’s a good idea to briefly talk about why someone should hire you. Think of it like an elevator pitch and create content for it accordingly. You can always customize it for specific positions and talk about why you would be a good fit for that company.

Once your video resume is up, getting it out to the right audience is critical. There are many ways you can do that. You can sign up on a video resume specialist website like Jobma. You can also share it across social media. Social media increases visibility of your resume drastically so it is always recommended to do that.