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Fail a Phone Interview

 Don’t Pay Attention to the Interviewer – Being able to conduct an interview on the phone gives both parties a certain level of freedom. Abusing this by not paying attention to the interviewer will hurt your chances of moving to the next step. Remove all distractions. Turn off the TV, put the food away, ask family members and others to remain out of the room, don’t chew gum or smoke, and make sure your landline or cell phone doesn’t start to ring in the middle of the conversation. Be Dishonest – Some interviewers will test your knowledge of the field you have applied for. If you plan to adlib and make things up as you go along, you’re not doing yourself any favors. It’s best to brush up on your knowledge before the interview starts. In case you are stumped, admit that you cannot provide a sufficient answer and don’t try to ramble on while researching the topic on Google.

 Employ Poor Body Language – You may choose to lounge in your bed while giving the interview thinking it hardly matters. But your body language creeps into the tone of your voice and that is all the interviewer has to rely on. Sit up straight and bring enthusiasm into your voice. Remember to smile, even if the interviewer cannot see it. Don’t sound laidback and casual, like you’re doing the company a favor by speaking with them.

 Offer Up No Feedback – Interviewers are not looking for office drones to do their bidding. Applicants with a fresh and open mind that enquire about job responsibilities, company policies, expected office environment, and additional details are far more likely to be remembered.

 Miss Calls Or Use A Cell Phone With Bad Reception – If you have a phone interview scheduled, you should make every attempt to be available with a landline phone at the appointed time. If you take a call while driving down the road, it will not give the interviewer a very good impression of your organizational or time management skills. And having a cell phone with bad reception can sabotage an interview and is an issue that can be easily avoided by planning head. If an unavoidable emergency does arise, calmly explain it to the interviewer and request a change in the timing of the interview.