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Great Time To Plan Career

Consider you dream job as a location and you are in point A right now. For you to land in point B, which is your bright future, you can choose to walk or run, whichever suits you just as long as you get there. Although you might experience roadblocks along the way, it is very essential that you keep your eye on the goal, stay focused, and keep on walking no matter how bruised you are. You can rest for a while but your journey should continue until you arrive at your destination.

It’s the journey that makes it all worthwhile so make short-term or long-term goals if necessary and try your hardest to accomplish them. If that is what it is going to take to go through every road, then do it. Don’t be content on doing something just to get you through a year and then you need to re-apply for another job. Keep your long-term goals and be persistent in pursuing them. Many changes are bound to happen during the duration of your entire career, don’t be a victim of such a thing, because it’s not going to get you anywhere.

So, the answer to the question is NOW. Now would be the best time to plan your career. If you are a student, start the year with a career plan in mind. If you haven’t figured it out yet, start evaluating and analyzing your skills and interests and research on some jobs that you might be interested in. Seek the help of a professional coach. Talk to your family and friends about your plans and gather as much information as possible that can help you identify your career choice. Spend time to know yourself more and remember that your career will provide security for your future, so choose wisely.