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Information of Career Counselling Online

When we say dead end job we mean that there will be no growth at all for that role and the pay invariably is very low.

That is where we as career counsellors come to your help.Here we make you understand about the roles that are available in the industry which are ever green and there are huge benefits picking this role rather than other roles which don’t offer growth or pay.

Why we suggest you take up these roles is that the company will always require you no matter what.

It could be recession or bad time for your company, during these times you will not be fired from the company as the role that you are picking after our career counselling is an in demand role in the industry and that function is required by every company in the world.Most of all its high paying as you pick more skills down the line.

Here are a few frequently asked question:

Most of the people we meet say that job search is frustrating for them since they are not able to progress further with their current jobs.For these people you job search ends here.

1) What is the aim of this job counselling site?

The aim of this site is to give you advice so that your opportunities increase multifold, that is you will be in a position to choose which company to go to rather than going to a job that is available. More choices for your career.

2) I am a college passout searching for a job,how do I land the right job?

I understand when you say right job it means great pay,Rapid growth,greater visibility within the company.Greater advantage in the long run.This Job which we are advising you fulfils all the criteria.

3) I am industry Veteran working in this industry for more than 5 years.What about me?

The advice that we offer will help you secure a stable job and a will not result in stagnation.It will give you great benefits financially and in terms of satisfaction and great progression.