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Prepare Powerpoint Presentation For Interview

PowerPoint presentation for a job interview has developed into a standard part of the recruitment process, specifically for managerial positions whether senior or junior.

This can be an advantage for applicants who give many presentations as part of their current or past jobs but if you have never given a presentation you shouldn’t worry a lot about it. If you have good social and interactive skills you won’t have any problem.

Make sure the arguments you are putting forward follow logically, each point following logically from the next. It’s irrelevant whether the argument is wrong as long as it follows a logical pattern. This show clear thinking. Many organisations ask you to prepare a fifteen minute presentation about anything. The subject matter is irrelevant, it’s your thinking, confidence and social skills that are being tested together with your capacity to persuade and the way you respond to disagreements to your arguments.

The trick of giving a successful PowerPoint presentation for a job interview is to be confident. Here’s a number of good tips for giving excellent presentations:


Like all speaking in public everything relies upon your confidence. You can’t persuade others if you’re not confident yourself. If you are nervous about standing up in front of an audience, and many of us are, when it comes to strangers. Apply some techniques to help you, breathing techniques for example. Also a good strategy is to remember that the people you are talking to are just people.

Know Your Subject

If you are given a topic to give the presentation about, then research it thoroughly. Knowing your subject thoroughly gives you confidence and allows you to talk with authority about it. It will also prepare you to answer any questions that may arise.

Non Verbal Communication

This is as essential as what you say. Have a confident posture, no slouching and certainly no hand in the pockets. Persuading is as much about body language as it is about speaking. Make eye contact with each person in the panel when making points.

Clear voice

Nerves may make some people try to rush through the presentation and their voice gets faster and faster, you need to avoid this. Maintain a calm clear voice that is well pitched, pause often when you are emphasising points.

PowerPoint presentation for a job interview

Don’t let the PowerPoint slides to take over the presentation. This often happens. They’re an aid for your argument not the main focus. When each slide pops up don’t just read from it. Your audience can read the points themselves. Add something to every point; a little explanation calmly delivered will demonstrate your confidence and your understanding of the subject.